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Items sold directly by member of IBG Forum. Buyer can directly contact Seller for more info and close the deal. Item will be shipped directly from Seller to Buyer. Any issue must be settled directly between Seller and Buyer. IBG Store takes no responsibility on any issue. Each Seller has been verified by IBG Store as a trusted Seller, which already has a well-known reputation in Indonesian boardgaming community.

  • Bamboleo (Used - Batam)

    Bamboleo (Used - Batam)

  • Citadels (Used - Batam)

    Citadels (Used - Batam)

  • Diplomacy (Used - Batam)

    Diplomacy (Used - Batam)

  • Munchkin (New - Batam)

    Munchkin (New - Batam)

  • Saboteur (Used - Batam)

    Saboteur (Used - Batam)

  • Torres (Used - Batam)

    Torres (Used - Batam)

  • UNO Vacation (New - Batam)

    UNO Vacation (New - Batam)

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